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  Reviews In English

1 Green Summits (Alqimam Alkhadra') A novel in Arabic , 1955
2 Silence and Rain, (Alsamt Wal-Mattar) A collection of short stories in Arabic , 1958.
Translated into French, German,and English :   
        a. " La Neige Ne Me Formera Pas Les Yeux", traduite par Michel Barbot, Orient, annee 6, No 23, 1962
        b. "Le Silence et La Pluie," Traduite par Michel Barbot, Orient, annee 7. No 25, 1963           
        c. "Un Visage Neuf",traduite par Michel Barbot, Alger  Republicain, Nos. 171 a 173, 6 au 8 Fevrier, 1963
        d. "Der Schnee Wird Mir Nicht Die Augen Schliessen", Sam Kabbani, Die Taube Der Moschee Und Andere Syrische Und Libaesische Erzahlungen, Horst Erdman Verlag,1966 pp. 228-240
        e. "Sandstorm", translated by Diana Malouf, Translation, vol. 6, Winter issue, 1979.
3 Six Days (Sitat Ayam ) 1961, a novel in Arabic Translated into Japanese and English. Translated into English by Bassam Frangieh and Scott McGehee) , Washington, D.C.: The Three Continents Press/Lynne Rienner, 1990
4 Days of Dust ( Awdat Altair Ila albahr 1969, a novel in Arabic translated into English , French, and Japanese. Translation into English by Trevor LeGassick with an introduction by Edward Said), Washington, D.C.: The Three Continents Press,1983; Fourth printing 1997 by Lynne Rienner). Le Vaissea Reprend Le Large (a translation of  Awdat al-Ta'ir into French by Claude Krul with an introduction by Jacques Berque), Canada: Edition  Namaan, 1977
5 River Without Bridges A Study of The Exodus of the 1967 Palestinian Arab Refugees (co-authored with Peter Dodd), Beirut: Institute of Palestine Studies, 1969 .
6 Lebanon in Strife Student Preludes to the Civil War, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1977.
7 A Journey Between The Arrow and The Cord  (Al-Rahil Baina Al-Sahm Wal-watar) A novel in Arabic, 1979
8 Visions of Social Reality in The Contemporary  Arab Novel Essay, Washingon D.C. : Center For Contemporary Arab Studies, 1977
9 Al-Mujtam' Al-Arabi Al-Mu'asir Contemporary Arab Society, Beirut: Center for Arab Unity Studies, 1984 (Seven editions so far)
10 Contemporary North Africa : Issues of Development and Integration Edited with an introduction and a chapter, Washington, D.C. and London: Center For Contemporary Arab Studies and Croom Helm, 1985 
11 Towards A Viable Lebanon Edited with an introduction and a chapter, Washington D.C. and London:  Center For Contemporary Arab Studies and Croom Helm, 1988
12 Ta'ir al-Howm (The Crane) A novel in Arabic), Casablanca: Dar Toubqal,1988. Translated by Bassam Frangieh and Roger Allen, The Crane
13 Harb Al-khalij: Khutut Fi Al-Raml Walzaman (Gulf War : Lines in Sand and Time) Beirut: Center for Arab Unity Studies, 1992
14 The Arab World : Society , Culture and State Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993
15 Innana Wan-Nahr (Innana and The River) a novel in Arabic , Beirut : Dar Al-Adab , 1995
16 Aldimocratiyya al-Adala Al-Ijtimaiyya (Democracy and Social Justice) Ramallah : MUWATIN-The Palestinian Institute For the Study of Democracy, 1995
17 Arab Society in the Twentieth Century (in Arabic) Beirut : Center for Arab Unity Studies, 2000
1 Alienation and Revolution in Contemporary Arab Life Mawaqif, No.5 , 1969
2 Alienation : A Process  of Encounter Between Utopia and Reality The British Journal of Sociology, vol. 20, no.1, 1969 ,  pp.1-10 
3 Generational Gap and family Political Socialization in Three Arab Societies in Byron Massialas, Political Youth, traditional Schools, Prentice-Hall, 1972, pp213- 226
4 Social and Political Integration in Lebanon : A Case of Social Mosaic Middle East Journal , Summer 1973, pp. 301-318
5 The Palestinian Refugees : An Uprooted Community Seeking Repatriation Interntional Migration Review, Vol. 7, Summer 1973, pp 147-161
6 Arab Novels and Social Transformation in R.C.Ostle (ed.), Studies in Modern Arabic Literature, London: Aris and Philips, 1975, pp.126-139
7 Socio-Economic, Cultural, and Personality Forces  Determining
Development in Arab Society
Social Praxis, 2(3-4), 1976, PP. 179-204
8 Arab Society: Prospects For Political Transformation In Michael Hudson (ed.), The Arab Future: Critical Issues, Washington D.C. : Center For Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, 1979
9 The Social Context [ of Lebanon in Crisis ] In P. E. Haley and L.W. Snider (eds.), Lebanon in Crisis, Syracuse University Press, 1979, pp. 3-20
10 Ideological Determinants of Arab Development In Ibrahim Ibrahim (ed.), Arab Resources: The Transformation of a Society Washington D. C. and London: Center For Contemporary Arab Studies and Croom Helm , 1983 pp. 169-183
11 Arab Family and the Challenge of Social Transformation In E. W. Fernea (ed.) ,Women and the Family in the Middle East:  New Voices of Change, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1985, pp 27-48
12 Beyond The Always and the Never: A Critique of Social Psychological Interpretations of Arab Society and Culture In Hisham Sharabi (ed.), Theory, Politics And The Arab World:        Critical Responses, N. Y. and London :Routledge, 1990, pp 132-159
13 Explorations in Exile and Creativity : The Case of Arab -American Writers In Kamal Abdel-Malek and Wael Hallaq (eds.), Tradition, Modernity, and Post Modernity in Arabic Literature, Brill, 2000, pp 304-320
14 Adonis, Poete Du Reel e de Son Oppose Traduit deL'Arabe par Francois Zabbal , Adonis : Un Poete Dans Le Monde d'Aujourd'hui, 1950-2000, Paris : Institut Du Monde Arabe, 2000, pp. 77-83
15 Gllaube und Herrschaft in der Arabischen Gesellschaft von heute: ein Analyse Herausgegeben von Erdmute Heller und Hassouna Mosbahi, Islam Demokratie Moderne, C.H. Beck, 1998, pp 110-129